Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Where you can buy Optimum Nutrition Gainer in Colchester!

Good evening all! Ripe question about use. In writing the following:
optimum nutrition

Add at the rate of two tablespoons of Serious Mass by 680 ml ​​of cold water or milk.
It is best to use a blender.
During the first week, you can only eat half portions.

With a weight of 80 kg - 1 scoop × 3 times a day

With a weight of 80-100 kg - 1-1.5 scoops × 3 times a day

Weighing in at over 100 kg - 2 scoops × 3 times a day

1 scoop is 250g.

Took it twice. The first time in a month increased from 77.5 to 80. The second half of another 2.5 pounds. Drank so: non-training day - 9-30 tea and crackers after 30 minutes. scoop on 450g. milk. In the same training day plus after trenki scoop on 450g. milk. Each shake about 900 calories. Total protein from sportpita added up to 50 grams per day of training. So what works and does not necessarily mix definitely balk at 200g of protein a day. I - hardgainer. Six months before that puffed on natural foods. Ate a jar of piercing the SAN - the effect is zero. The same thing from UpYourMass. What is most annoying - from ProComplex (ON).

Everything is easy! Stood to have breakfast in the morning (good) drank gainer 1 scoop divorce with 400 ml (milk, juice, water) is better milk, then immediately after exercise (30 minutes) drink gainer in the same proportions and all. The day did not workout drink 1 serving breakfast after the second afternoon.
in non-training day or obizatelno drink it, well, on the strength of the morning on the second one serving breakfast and all.
 This and other Creatine should be consumed immediately after trenki or no later than 40 minutes after it! Otherwise, the window will close carbohydrate in the body (open through intense training) and a mixture of protein and carbohydrates, the maximum benefit will bring! Other times I will recommend to use complex protein! For questions about the taste - I personally like Vanilla